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New Nash Indulgence SS4 Wide 5 Season

New Nash Indulgence SS4 Wide 5 Season
New Nash Indulgence SS4 Wide 5 Season £499.99 RRP £549.99
All SS 5 Season models feature a removable dual hollow fibre and foam fi...read more
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All SS 5 Season models feature a removable dual hollow fibre and foam filling mattress with an air mesh panel in the base of the bed, allowing trademark Indulgence air flow with the mattress removed for hot nights and summer sessions, and a Velcro tear off strip to seal air flow to guarantee draught free warmth in the winter. Adjust personal comfort by removing the top 2 season duvet, or combining the Summer or Winter Shroud with one or both layers, itÂ’s simple and allows warmth to be tailored to you as well as the conditions. Available in SS3 and SS3 Wide as well as the longer mattress and longer legged SS4 or SS4 Wide frame, with the Emperor offering the ultimate dimensions for serious sleep Indulgence, either on your own or with your partner. Removable luxury dual hollow fibre and foam filling mattress Air mesh panel for trademark Indulgence cooling air flow in hot, sticky conditions Velcro tear off strip seals air flow for improved comfort in the winter Enhanced central lumbar support eliminating 'sag' over time Twin layer deluxe zipped 3 and 2 season duvets combine for 5 season protection Bottom duvet layer features Nash body baffles New frame and hinge configuration significantly decrease transport size on barrows and in vehicles Longer mattress and taller SS4 frame option for taller anglers Perimeter velcro tabs for easy fitting of optional Indulgence Mattress Sheets Twin mesh valuables pockets for phones, remotes and keys Fast fit elastic loops for optional extra Indulgence Summer Shroud, Winter Shroud and Pillow Dual side packaway compression straps for a flat load base on Trax Barrows Fold flat mud feet with pegging holes


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