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Korda Distance Sticks

Korda Distance Sticks £59.99
Stunning new marker sticks from Korda are simply the best. ThereÂ’s n...read more
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Stunning new marker sticks from Korda are simply the best. ThereÂ’s no doubt that theyÂ’ve just become the most expensive distance sticks on the market, but itÂ’s with good reason. We recruited the expertise of engineering gurus JAG Products to make what we know are the best distance sticks ever made, in terms or both quality and function. The spec sheet is worth drooling over. Each stick has been precision engineered to feature special grooves, which prevent birdÂ’s nests, which often strike when the line peels frustratingly off smooth-sided sticks. Distance Sticks make short work of the hardest ground too, thanks to specially configured drilling points, which can be wound into the most unyielding gravel with the stainless T-bar that comes in each pack. Target levels in the top of each stick make it easy to get them perfectly straight, for super-consistent wrapping. WeÂ’ve even crafted beautiful acrylic heads, into which you can pop a Mini Stow Lite isotope, to make night manoeuvres simple.


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