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Daiwa Tournament ISO 5000LD QDA BE - IN STOCK

Daiwa Tournament ISO 5000LD QDA BE - IN STOCK
Daiwa Tournament ISO 5000LD QDA BE - IN STOCK £499.00
Daiwa Tournament QDA Reel, DaiwaÂ’s Tournament range of reels have...read more
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Daiwa Tournament QDA Reel, Daiwa’s Tournament range of reels have been revolutionising the carp fishing world and this Tournament QDA looks set to takes things up yet another notch. With modern all black cosmetics this reel looks every bit as good on the bank as it feels, and you really need to try it out to fully understand the joy of fishing with the Tournament QDA. This reel is jam packed with all of Daiwa’s latest and most cutting edge technologies. One such technology is Mag Sealing. A method of waterproofing first designed by the scientists at NASA who were looking for a leak free way to transport fuel into space, Mag Sealing is a process of using magnetised oil in order to create the perfect seal between two surfaces. This is used next to the rotor system in Daiwa’s top end reels and completely eliminates the risk of seize-ups due to dirt, grit, or grime finding its way into the body of the reel. It is also the perfect waterproofing tool to stop highly corrosive saltwater from entering the reel and causing massive premature wear and tear – so although this reel has been developed with carp fishing in mind you could also utilise it for sea fishing purposes without fear. What’s more, because its oil based it is almost frictionless – perfect for placing next to your rotor. The rotor itself uses Daiwa’s Air Rotor technology. This is an exceptional advance in rotor technology as, compared to a standard rotor of the same material, Air Rotor offers a whopping 15% weight saving. Not only this, but Air Rotor also offers exceptional pressure distribution. This means that the Tournament QDA reel is significantly more durable than like-for-like reels which don’t offer Air Rotor technology.


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