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The Tiddler Slow is perfect for when predators are not moving too much. ...read more
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The Tiddler Slow is perfect for when predators are not moving too much. Slow does not mean that it will only catch fish when fished slowly, it also means that it has a more calm action - the tail does not move as much sideways as with the fast version.

This small fish imitation, with its pointed tail, will move with the tiniest of movements and the slight swinging movement makes every passive perch or zander become more instantly more interested! Due to the slender form, the 12cm long Tiddler Slow can be fished with all modern rigs, but also traditionally with a jighead. It is an excellent lure for vertical jigging but also a killer during summer. Fish the Tiddler Slow in warm water, with temperatures over 18 degrees, with quick starts close to the bottom, zander love fleeing attempts like that!

Perch, Zander, Pike, Bass, Sea-bass

• Small things can make a big difference in catching fish, this is the slogan of the new Warrior soft bait range 
• Streamlined bodies with micro fine swim or twister tails for ultra sonic irresistible vibrations 
• Fat bodies with special hammer or XL ‘V’ tails for more water extrusion and a slow natural movement 
• Tough softbait material for long lasting fish catching fun 
• Designed to imitate an injured baitfish in detail promoting more attacks 
• Uses modern injecting mould technology to produce a multi colour layer for the best appearance underwater 
• Multi-purpose use with all different rigs 
• Can be used and fished from the bank as well as from the boat in shallow and deep water


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