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Korda Goo

Korda Goo
Korda Goo £11.99
Conceived and developed in South Africa by a chap named Loutjie Louwies,...read more
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Conceived and developed in South Africa by a chap named Loutjie Louwies, Goo was employed by the S.A Angling Team to devastating effect when they fished Oxford’s Linear complex for the FIPSed World championship Trophy. They WON. Thousands of miles from home - on our turf – they took the prize with the help of Goo.  Korda Goo is a viscous, multi-purpose liquid that’s perfect for binding stick mixes, mixing with ground-bait, soaking pellets and glugging hook-baits. On the lake or river-bed, Goo’s enticing flavour seeps out to form an irresistible, aromatic cloud for curious fish to investigate...just think of the possibilities! Add it to your spod mix or give your nuts an overnight soak; surround your floaters with a tempting slick or use as a constituent of home-made boilies...  Power Smokes are powerful and session-changing. A few casts with the Power Smoke in your spod or on your PVA bags will create the most unique cloud of smell, taste and colour to simply send fish into frenzy around the area of your hook bait. 


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