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Korda Hybrid Stiff

Korda Hybrid Stiff
Korda Hybrid Stiff £13.99
Korda Hybrid Stiffis best suited to clean bottoms and requires an expose...read more
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Korda Hybrid Stiffis best suited to clean bottoms and requires an exposed inner core section next to the lead when fishing over bottom debris. Ideal for clean, hard bottoms or those with sparse weed.

Korda Hybrid Stiff has been redesigned to incorporate the Korda SafeZone colour philosophy and has been rigorously tested by Team Korda.
  • Colour matched to actual lakebed samples
  • Guaranteed knot strength
  • Helps to stop tangles
  • Helps to push the hookbait away from the lead
  • The stiffness turns the hook and makes the hooking arrangement react faster because the hooklink is already straight and brings the lead into play sooner
  • Fast sinking, heavy coating
  • Easy to strip with the Korda Strippa tool
  • Coating breaks away cleanly to expose soft inner core
  • Camo inner core dyed with SafeZone technology to match outer coating
  • Perfect for pop ups or bottom baits
  • Steam straight before use for best results
  • Full knot closure can only be achieved by softening the knot over a steaming kettle before pulling fully tight
  • Korda recommended 5 turn Grinner knot for maximum strength


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