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Korum Snapper Drones

Korum Snapper Drones
Korum Snapper Drones £5.99
The Drones come in packs of three, containing one of each type of fish....read more
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The Drones come in packs of three, containing one of each type of fish. Available in three different sizes 5cm, 8cm, 10cm and 12cm. Each pack also contains a Snapper Spin Trace so you can get straight out on the bank to catch some predators!

Available in

  • 8cm with wire trace (15g)
  • 10cm with wire trace (30g)
  • 12cm with wire trace (45g)

Made to look like a roach or rudd, this silver fish Drone is a perfect all-rounder. With a slightly longer body than most shapes to immitate weaker fish, this lure is a great match for what predators will be eating naturally. With a small element of reflective flash, its an ideal choice on natural venues with clear water.


The Perch Drone looks more like a perch than an actual perch! With its vivid striping, bright reds and greens, it's a stunning lure on venues with lots of perch fry. Ideal in clear or murky water, its an ideal bet for the majority of lakes and rivers. The small element of reflective flash will give it added attraction in all conditions.


The Goldfish Drone imitates an attractor bait that has been used in secret for years. Bright orange lures have a massive track record and cannot be discounted, especially in coloured water conditions. With white flashes for murky venues and a flourescent orange pigment, the Goldfish Drone is almost better than the real thing!


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