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Mainline Base Mixes

Mainline Base Mixes
Mainline Base Mixes From £9.99
Taste, texture and palatability are essential considerations, because a ...read more
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Taste, texture and palatability are essential considerations, because a carp, which finds a bait irresistible, is a catchable carp. We add amino based powdered enhancers and palatants, which not only serve to attract but also give a bait a 'round' taste to complement the initial attraction. Mainline's baits are tailored to be instantly acceptable, but the long life of bait is a vital ingredient of their success. Our mixes are consistently successful throughout a season and even season to season, which is important when you consider the time, money and effort spent on baiting campaigns.

Lastly, but most importantly, a most valuable ingredient is confidence. Buying a bag of Mainline base mix is buying confidence in a bag. Concentrate on getting the location and terminal tackle right, safe in the knowledge that Mainline has already provided top quality bait.


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