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Nash Key Stabilised

Nash Key Stabilised
Nash Key Stabilised £14.99
The result of continued effort and food technology research, Nashbait&r...read more
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The result of continued effort and food technology research, Nashbait’s new launch for 2016 The Key Stabilised replicates the high nutritional value profile of The Key, but in a stable format that offers the same blockbuster performance straight out of the bag and without the freezer.

Already producing huge carp both in the UK and abroad, The Key Stabilised is set to change the carp world’s dependence on frozen boilies: ‘It’s a massive step,’ said Nashbait boss Gary Bayes. ‘Key Stabilised will finally challenge the thinking that frozen is superior – the food is identical in value and the bait performs equally as impressively. Key Stabilised brings the highest quality bait to anyone anywhere in the world without any need to keep it frozen or chilled.

‘We’re using a new process, which doesn’t affect the predigestion of the bait or the resulting food value to the carp that is so crucial to its success. We’ve invested huge amounts in new manufacturing that allows us to control the temperature and other parameters crucial to such advanced food, protecting the amino acids, complex proteins and sensitive vitamins and minerals.’

“I can detect no visible difference in feeding preference to either form of The Key…”  

Dr Keith Sykes, whose years of research into the science of successful carp bait has been pivotal to both the development of The Key, Cultured® Hookbaits and now The Key Stabilised has also had his beliefs changed by the success of the new format for the winning Key formula.

‘I can detect no visible difference in feeding preference to either form of The Key, and after years of testing I know my fish will show me preferences,’ he said. ‘I will never be a fan of shelf-life baits the way they are traditionally produced, but The Key Stabilised is produced with different food technology and processes, ensuring it is every bit as good as The Key Frozen. Some of our testers have switched from The Key frozen to The Key Stabilised when they have run out of frozen and action shows no signs of slowing up. It’s an amazing new direction for someone like me who has had a lifetime of using frozen baits.’

‘We are using a high grade human food process which has no direct effect on the active ingredients within foods. The same technology is widely used in pet food manufacture, and we know how fussy cats are!’



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