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Nash The Key - Hookbaits

Nash The Key - Hookbaits
Nash The Key - Hookbaits £6.99
The most advanced bait ever developed by Nashbait is revealed... A truly...read more
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The most advanced bait ever developed by Nashbait is revealed... A truly no compromise bait formulated without cost constraint, The Key® is the most nutritionally complex, premium boilie ever made commercially available – resulting in captures both in the UK and Europe that have simply set a new benchmark for carp bait performance.

Keeping such a devastating bait under wraps has been as big a challenge as the development of the bait itself. When field testing produces more takes in one session than an entire previous season, or not just one but several members of a venue’s A Team carp in one trip – word spreads fast.


Frozen format only Produced in frozen format only, Key® boilies combine cutting edge aquatic feed technology with broad-spectrum digestive activity in a soft centred bait which continually breaks down its own complex proteins into nucleotides, amino acids and other highly stimulatory feeding triggers. A constantly changing bait, The Key® continuously generates the most powerful food signal yet achieved in a boilie.


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