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Nash Fang X Hooks

Nash Fang X Hooks
Nash Fang X Hooks £5.49
Nash Carp hooks utilise the latest cutting edge, low friction coating te...read more
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Nash Carp hooks utilise the latest cutting edge, low friction coating technology.

Nash recognised all Carp hooks are using more or less exactly the same carbon steel, so there is little difference in strength, durability and sharpness. Is it possible to find a stronger steel? Well, yes it is. The Japanese understand steel better than anyone else with their roots steeped in the history of the strongest weapons ever made – the Samurai swords. Nash persuaded them to produce us a wire of unrivalled strength to a fine diameter. Nash Hooks are light and thin wired and at least 20% stronger than the other leading brands we have tested them against. This special wire, just like the Samurai sword has incredible sharpness and durability.

Nash Hooks have the sharpest and longest lasting points in comparison to all other hooks tested. The penetration of a hook is critical; Nash Hooks have a frictionless non glare coating to achieve deep secure hook holds.

Nash Hooks are not the cheapest, but then what price do you put on hooking and landing the Carp of a lifetime?

The Carp world’s most versatile all round hook. The Nash Fang X is suitable for boilie, pop up and particle presentation with short or long, stiff or subtle, coated or uncoated hook links. The progressively curved, medium to long shank and 20 degree down turned eye maximises strength and its ability to turn and stay in - a legendary hook.


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