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Sticky Manilla white ones

Sticky Manilla white ones
Sticky Manilla white ones £6.50
So there we have it, Manilla... In a nutshell, itÂ’s an all-year-r...read more
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So there we have it, Manilla... In a nutshell, it’s an all-year-round bait containing a newly developed (and exclusive to us), Peanut Protein along with blended milk proteins and bird foods that ensure it delivers an excellent nutritional value. The instant attraction is provided by a pure Madagascan Vanilla extract that actually contains real Vanilla beans, with a few other special liquids we're keeping to ourselves. Over the past two and a half years we have been extensively trialing a new ‘test bait’. It has changed a number of times from its original conception, but finally we believe we have created a genuine game changer which we are extremely excited about it! Since recently releasing the finished article to our anglers, it's safe to say that the results from up and down the country have been off the scale! The main and stand out ingredient is a human food grade refined peanut protein that we have exclusively developed and imported from the US at a considerable expense. This revolutionary new protein source has never been used in a bait before and it is set to be a game changer... Just remember you saw it here first! This Peanut protein is blended with other nut flours, along with a complex selection of milk proteins, many of which are overlooked by other bait firms due to their cost. The attractor package is a pungent creamy vanilla, which is produced by a pure Madagascan Vanilla extract that actually contains real Vanilla beans! We are confident that this will be the first commercially available boilie that is made up entirely of human food grade ingredients! After extensive research and tests, we now feel this is the way forward and it will take ‘non-fish meal’ baits to the next level. Unlike most other nut baits on the market our version will deliver on a nutritional basis and will also produce the goods all-year-round. If you are in any doubt, simply taste the bait yourself and you will see why we are so excited!


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