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If you fish on fresh waters one piece of equipment you will all have own...read more
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If you fish on fresh waters one piece of equipment you will all have own in one form or another during our angling lifetime is a catapult. From the basic catapult we all start out with that we used for absolutely everything, right through to becoming the owner of your own catapult armoury, they are like odd socks, we all own em. As anglers skills progress and develop, so do the requirements and functions of a catapult, you soon learn that to achieve the best from any baited area you need a catapult that can give you pin point accuracy. To achieve this you end up with a multitude of catapult, one for each type of bait that you use and distance you require you bait to travel, to ensure you get your feed right where you want it every time.

Over the years numerous companies have developed and released catapults that have tensioning systems that are designed to give you variable distance control but many of these have failed to capture the imagination or support of the angling masses. The latest catapult offering that is due to reach our retailer’s shelves in mid November 2011 is from Essex based GURU in my opinion one of the most ingenious catapults I have come across. They have come up with a catapult that is fully adjustable, with 6 different precise settings that makes it possible to set the elastics tension to the required torque to put your bait exactly where you want it every time with total control and confidence.

This has been made achievable by stepping back from the convention solid armed construction found on a conventional catapult and totally re-designing them. The GURU catapult arms have a channel down one side which houses the elastic and incorporates six evenly spaced slots with locking holes. These enable you to pull the connector that the elastic is attached too out of the arm and then re-locate it into another slot. To create a greater tension simply move the connector down the catapults arm closer to the handle. To hold the elastic in place, simply rotate the orange collar on the bend of the arm until the gap lines up with the channel and once the elastic is in place, rotate to secure and simply reverse the above for less tension


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