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Korda Tackle Box Range

Korda Tackle Box Range
Korda Tackle Box Range From £5.99
Korda Tackle Box   The new Korda Tackle Box is a complete tackle ...read more
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Korda Tackle Box  

The new Korda Tackle Box is a complete tackle storage system, designed to allow you to have the most amount of kit possible for a minimal footprint. A ‘big brother’ to the Tackle Safe, the Tackle Box is an alternative option for those needing to take just a little more end tackle on the bank for longer sessions, trips abroad, or just to cover all fishing situations they might find themselves in. Korda maintains the ethos of ‘less clutter, more carp’ with this product.

Being well organised on the bank will definitely help you to catch more fish, as not only will know that you have everything with you, but you’ll be able to find it quickly when you need to, and that is where the it comes into its own!

In carp fishing, when an opportunity presents itself often you will need to take advantage of it quickly – such as finding fish feeding in the margins; or cruising around and looking up for a floater or zig for instance – and the chance will be often be gone if you have to empty your rucksack, or even car, looking for the items of tackle that you need for the situation.

The Tackle Box is designed to be a complete storage system that allows you to keep the maximum amount of terminal tackle, but with the minimum footprint possible – it will fit neatly into the new Compac 220, or straight into your rucksack/carryall.

It isn’t intended to replace the existing Tackle Safe, it is an alternative option for those looking to take more end tackle with them – such as longer sessions or trips abroad where you might end up fishing a few different methods during the same outing. It is seen to be as more of a big brother to the TackleSafe.

The Tackle Box has 29 compartments of assorted sizes to store smaller items of end tackle, plus a magnetic rig board (for up to 10 pre-tied rigs), and the layout is adjustable via moveable dividers. Korda's recently updated square hook link spools fit in perfectly, as do the Kamakura hook boxes, and it will also take the new Leader-Safe and Mini Compartment Boxes (available separately).

*All additonal accessories and tackle shown for illustrative purposes only - not included but available separately.*


Korda Tackle Box


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