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Fortis Eyewear Bays - Brown £34.99

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Product Information

    The Bays have been designed with a 22 degree wrap angle offering excellent side coverage to help eliminate the ingress of side light. The Bays are the first model in the Fortis range that integrate our X-Bloc technology. A reflective surface coating that offers additional (or extra) glare block to enhance vision. Not only does technology provide maximum functionality but the reflective surface coating is also aesthetically pleasing, creating a mirror of colour. Available in a range of colours, each designed to filter out certain colours within the light spectrum to give maximum performance in any condition.

    Gold Mirror - Offers the highest contrast. Ideal for spotting dark shapes in deep clear water.
    Blue Mirror - Provides superior contrast in bright sunlight. Fire Mirror - Superb all round protection.
    Brown (no X-Bloc) - Best all round lens with excellent contrast definition.