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Fox Rage Street Fighter Short Street Net £54.99

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Product Information

    A range of landing nets designed specifically for street fishing situations where transportation and handle length can become issues.


    • Four nets in range
    • Three nets feature fast extension handles
    • Lightweight but super strong carbon handles
    • Two nets feature extra-long extension handles; 2.4 and 3.7m
    • 2-piece net features short extension handle
    • Short street net features single piece, fold out handle
    • When at minimum length all handles fold over into net to minimise transportation size
    • Features Rage Camo finished foam on handle grip
    • Features Rage Camo finished foam on net rim to aid floatation
    • 2-piece and Short Net feature wrist straps
    • Three larger nets measure 50cm by 60cm
    • Short Street Net measures 40cm wide by 50cm
    • Feature belt clip for transportation
    • Fish-friendly, rubberised mesh