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Ridgemonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless 77850mAh £247.00

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Product Information

    Premium grade lithium polymer battery

    Dimensions: 230mm x 130mm x 44mm

    Weight (excluding accessories): 1495g

    Capacity: 77850mAh @ 3.7V / 24Ah @ 11.1V

    1x Qi compatible wireless pad: 10W max

    1x C-Smart USB-C power delivery: 60W max

    1x 12v DC socket: 156W max

    2x USB-A: DC 5V 3A (max), 4.8A total

    Huge energy capacity

    Durable outer construction

    Protected registered design

    Available in classic green & all new camo

    Banish the cables with Qi compatible wireless technology: simply set down your Qi enabled device on the Vault C-Smart Wireless pad, press the power button and watch the magic happen – up to 10W of wireless power delivered straight to your device. Combine this with ultra-intelligent superfast USB-C power delivery, dual 3A USB-A ports and a 12V DC output to provide a truly remarkable piece of technology. The enormous 77850mAh energy capacity is enough to keep most individuals powered for a fortnight away from a single 6-hour charge using the included 60W USB-C power delivery mains adaptor.

    Product code: RM474 (camo) RM313 (green)



    Extra-large high-end ‘plus’ smartphone EG Galaxy S10+, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Hauwei P30 approx. charges: 13-15

    Large high-end smartphone EG Galaxy S10, iPhone 11 Pro, Hauwei P20 approx. charges: 15-17

    Medium sized mid-range smartphone EG Galaxy S10e, iPhone 11, Hauwei P10 approx. charges: 18-20

    Mid-range older device EG Galaxy A3, iPhone 8 approx. charges: 29-31


    Included 60W USB-C Power delivery adaptor: 5.5-6 hours

    Vault 12W USB mains adaptor: 28-30 hours

    5V 1A USB power supply: 54-56 hours