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Sticky Baits Pure Calanus Hydro Liquid £12.99

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Product Information

    Pure Calanus Hydrolysate is one of the most exciting steps forward in marine-derived protein sources in many years.

    It is 100% sustainable yet contains an almost unparalleled amino acid profile. Pure Calanus benefits from high levels of some of the most essential and attractive amino acids for all fish species. These provide water-soluble attraction and nutrition that is highly stimulating to carp.

    This wonderfully salty, super-soluble liquid is incredibly low in fat and high in water-soluble protein. It pumps out attraction at a rapid rate, transmitting food signals far and wide. Its uses are only limited by your imagination; its relatively thin viscosity means it will penetrate boilies and pellets with ease before releasing a tantalising wave of attraction once applied to your chosen spot.

    Key Features
    • Unparalleled amino acid profile •
    •  Completely raw and undiluted •
    •  Soluble proteins for year-round use •
    • Soaks into boils, pellets, floaters and groundbaits •